Consulting Services

Face-to-Face Program Audit

Looking to fine tune an established program, audit a struggling one or trying to decide if you should shift investment from a underperforming program?  GFC has decades of combined experience and can work with internal teams or your external partners to identify challenges with the program and implement changes that are data driven and will bolster overall program health. 

Sustainer Readiness Assessment

Your team has decided to go "sustainer first" in your acquisition strategy - now what? The biggest mistake made by fundraising departments is to create an excellent fundraising strategy without the operational capacity or organizational buy-in to support it.  GFC can assess your organization readiness and provide a readiness roadmap.  Readiness Assessments can be customized specifically to face-to-face fundraising readiness assessments. 

Market Survey

Is your organization looking to launch fundraising efforts in the U.S.?   GFC can customize market surveys for large in-market surveys, as well as local market saturation surveys for nonprofits and agencies.

Mystery Shopping Service

Looking to audit your internal teams or identify excellent learning opportunities for your agency partners?  GFC can provide detailed and effective Mystery Shopping services which includes recommendations for corrective action.  When it comes to identifying strengths and weaknesses in your program, there is no service with more front and back-end experience than our team. 

Interim Program Support or Service

Are you looking to fill a key role in fundraising while searching for an effective full-time replacement?  There is no need to pause your efforts. 

Perhaps you recently hired a manager to support your face-to-face fundraising investment but they need coaching and professional development support you may not have time to invest.  GFC can offer short or long-term coaching and  leadership training that saves you time and provides your team the depth of expertise in face-to-face fundraising they may lack. 

New Service Provider Process Management

From the RFP to program launch to program performance review, GFC can lead, support or advise the process.  

Would you like to test a new agency but would prefer to do so through a trusted partner and industry leader?  GFC can facilitate testing with several agencies while only having to onboard one.