How can I submit my resume for consideration?

Please submit your resume by emailing it to info@growfcus.com.  Please include a personal statement about why you believe you are a good fit for the Grow Fundraising & Consulting team. For management position submissions, please include your professional references. 

General Questions

Will Grow work with my university so that I can receive credit for my internship?

Yes, GFC will support our interns to ensure they are able to achieve the desired experience and/or class credit for their time learning and growing with our team.

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Does the work take place outdoors?

All entry-level and intern positions are part of the community ourtreach or canvassing team so yes, about 90% of the work day is spent outdoors engaging potential donors in the street, at small events, at shopping malls or in neighborhoods by knocking on doors.  Of course, we only work when it is safe to do so, but we do work through the seasons. 

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What other typs of consulting services does GFC provide? I did not see what I was looking for.

GFC has a long list of expertise amongst the management team.   We are able and willing to customize services as needed so please, go ahead and schedule a consultation.

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How does the Mystery Shopping Service work?

Mystery Shopping Services are customized for each of our clients.  We would love to discuss your needs.  

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