Meet the Team

Sherry Bell


GFC's Founder and CEO is a passionate and proven leader in direct response non-profit fundraising for more than 13 years, with 19 years of experience in performance leadership, management  and community engagement.  

With years of experience leading and developing acquisition programs, as well as developing and testing sustainer stewardship programs to ensure an integrated and effective strategy, Sherry is well positioned to leverage her experiences to enhance your own.  

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Getachew Woldemariam


GFC's Co-Founder and Director of Fundraising Operations, is a dedicated and proven leader in face-to-face fundraising and performance management field for more than 7 years, with more than 15 years of professional experience in public relations, communications and journalism.

With significant experience working on both teams, non-profits and those that service non-profits, Getachew has unique and valuable experience that makes his leadership effective and invaluable.

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