About Us


The Story of Storytellers

GFC is a consistent, concerted effort to positively impact our communities and the communities of those we may never meet.  GFC was founded on the idea that the services we provide, how and to whom we provide them matters - a lot. 

Our professional careers are filled with individual stories and those of our non-profit partners, their donors and those of our industry colleagues.  Like most stories, ours has grown more colorful over time.  

Our team members all began their career in the field knocking doors, staffing a kiosk or a heavily trafficked street territory.  We believe we have a great deal to offer, not only our clients, but also team members who seek an environment of professional, passionate, dynamic mentors and team mates.  Our passion to offer meaningful professional development is second only to our desire to provide the best quality services to our clients.  


Fundraising Services

GFC offers a team of experienced and accomplished team builders, trainers and fundraisers for traditional community fundraising campaigns, as well as contract staffing assignments.  With our team, our clients can count on a reliable and ethical experience within every aspect of our services to ensure reliable and effective decision making and performance in any situation.  

We utilize the Life-time Value focused Model in every aspect of our business.   In short, this model celebrates the fact that sustainers have an expected value based on several factors.  Some of these factors are personal to the sustainer and some are involved with methods or practices used during or leading up to acquisition. Regardless, GFC considers all of those factors in everything we do, from hiring and training staff to accounts payable.

We understand that our face is the face of your organization in the hearts and minds of every contact we make on your behalf so the first impression, and every impression, is critical to long-term value and viability of our services and partnerships. Again, the services we provide, how and to whom we provide them matters - a lot. 


Consulting Services

With more than two decades of experience  on our consulting team, the approach used is deeply rooted in the belief that even the best systems can be enhanced, improved and challenged.  From Mystery Shopping to data analysis and review to sustainer assessments and projects, the three step approach is:

  1. Proactive discussion and research prevents reactive decisions.
  2. Results are only as strong as they last.
  3. No one knows your brand better than you. No one knows how better to leverage your brand for sustainer acquisition than us.