The Story of the Tree

Everything has Its Purpose


GFC's Founder, Sherry Bell, is a avid nature and music lover.  In the Summer of 2017, while attending a music and artisan festival, she came across a custom metal wall piece of a tree, very similar to the one  in the GFC logo.  From there, a concept was born. Nothing is more like the life-cycle of a tree than that of sustainer acquisition.

  Trees are beautiful, useful and act as pillars in their nature communities, putting forth the best of what they have to offer any landscape.   The truth is , most  of the factors that impact a tree and determine its size and beauty impact the tree beneath the surface. The tree's appearance  above ground is the result of the root function and the soil in which they take root.   Above ground, the strength of the trunk and branches and the beauty of its fruit or flowers are a result of the efficiency of its roots , the richness of the soil and how effectively nutrients are carried throughout. 

The Root System & Soil


In the performance-centric environment, the culture, systems and processes - or in this story the soil, and the roots - are the foundation for growth or a facilitator for stagnation.  The tree only gets as large as it roots are deep and wide. 

Our first priority is to provide a company culture that creates a safe, comfortable  and productive work environment. In the story of the tree, this is the same as ensuring that soil receives appropriate nutrients,  is PH balanced and receives ample water supply.  Without these things, the root system is unable to do its job - carry the resources to the rest of the tree.  When the roots are providing less nutrients than they need or too much of what they may not, the roots wil still deliver what they can but the tree may fail to bud or bare fruit.  A tree is magnificent when dormant but we believe it is always better in full bloom. 

Sustainable Fruits of Our Labor


Life has few pleasures more enjoyable than that of nature's beauty.  A tree's purpose is to blossom each year and to grow.  Growth can be measured by annual growth rings.  The growth rings are the indicators of all environmental factors, above and below ground, that impacted the tree during its lifetime.  

With the older, most dense,  growth rings being pushed out to make room for the new wood, the tree becomes more stable and sturdy each year. 

The result is a tree that bbuds each year providing the fruits of our labor, or in the case of Grow Fundraising & Consulting, an effective and sustainable fundraising and brand building program.  To be a critical element in the landscape, to constantly strengthen oneself, to stand out in a crowd - that is as beautiful as it is purposeful - the story of the tree